The legend of Sangkuriang.

The Legend of Sangkuriang is a folktale of Sundanese people from West Java, Indonesia. It is a creation story about Ancient Lake Bandung, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Mount Burangrang and Mount Bukit Tunggul. As strange as the story is with its depiction of marriage between human and animal and forbidden romance between mother and son, the legend has a very deep meaning about life and encapsulates Sundanese people's philosophy and symbolism.

The LegendEdit

ack westward and the meeting of Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi). But the merging of unenlightened spirit and the ultimate truth will face many problems (the task of Sangkuriang). If the merging fails (dawn came before its time) the person will hate his own self and the person will deny his/her spirit and become a person who has lost meaning in life (the kicking of the boat, turning the boat upside down). The spirit will keep seeking for the ultimate truth (Sangkuriang chasing Dayang Sumbi into the forest) but the ultimate truth has changed into just a memory of what has happened (Jaksi flower).