Legends and folktales come in many genres. They range from creation stories to ghost stories, from historical tales to fairy tales, from humorous tales to fables. The various genres adds to the richness of legends and folktales.

Creation talesEdit

Creation tales tell the story about how things came to be. Here is a list of creation tales in this wiki:

Historical talesEdit

Historical tales are stories related to historical figures and events, which many of them are mixed with fantasy which may involve beings or animals with magical powers. Here is a list of historical tales in this wiki:

Fairy talesEdit

Fairy tales are about legends of gods, goddesses, magical beings, etc. Here is a list of fairy tales in this wiki:

Humorous talesEdit

Some folktales and legends can make us laugh with its humorous characters or funny story. But behind those silliness often lies wisdom about life. Here is a list of humorous tales in this wiki:


Fables are tales about animals and their behaviour. These kind of stories are usually told to tell children about morality and wisdom. Here is a list of fables in this wiki:

Urban legendsEdit

Urban legends are stories which truth cannot be proven and often create debates on whether or not they are true stories. Often involved in this kind of stories are ghosts, spirits or witches. Some believe they are true stories and even try to prove them, some are sceptical. Here is a list of urban legends in this wiki: