Ken Dedes
A statue of Prajnaparamita, Hindu goddess of wisdom and learning, from Singhasari era. The statue was allegedly modeled after the face and figure of Ken Dedes.


First queen of Singhasari Kingdom

Other names or titles


13th century


13th century



Tunggul Ametung, Ken Arok


Mpu Purwa


From Tunggul Ametung: Anusapati
From Ken Arok: Mahisa Wonga Teleng, Panji Saprang, Agnibhaya and Dewi Rimbu


Ken Dedes was allegedly a woman of extraordinary beauty who lived in the 13th century. Ken Arok, a bodyguard of her husband, Tunggul Ametung, accidentally saw her and fell in love with her. It was said that Tunggul Ametung married Ken Dedes by force through kidnapping. It was also said that Mpu Purwa, Ken Dedes' father cast a curse that Tunggul Ametung would be killed because of her beauty. With the keris of Mpu Gandring, Ken Arok killed Tunggul Ametung. Ken Arok later founded the Kingdom of Singhasari and Ken Dedes became its first queen.

The love story of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes, which is featured in The Legend of the Keris of Mpu Gandring, was a tragic story of murder and revenge which cost the lives of six men.