Jaka tarub

Jaka Tarub watched in his hiding place while Nawang Wulan and her fellow apsaras descended to earth to take a bath.

Jaka Tarub is the main character of the story Jaka Tarub and Seven Apsaras. He was asocciated with the Kingdom of Mataram (1588—1681) in Central Java through Nawangsari, his daughter with Nawang Wulan, who, in the story, was said to be one of the seven apsaras. He tricked Nawang Wulan into marrying him.

Nawangsih was later married to Lembu Peteng, the son of Brawijaya (born: unknown - death: 1478), king of of the Kingdom of Majapahit (1293–1500), and gave birth to a boy who would later known as Ki Getas Pandawa, who had a son, Ki Ageng Sela, who was the great grandfather of Panembahan Senapati, founder of the Kingdom of Mataram.